Oklahoma Hog and Exotic Hunts

We have consistently pleased our hog hunting and exotic hunting clients over the past decade with great service, experienced employees, and numerous trophy SCI animals. We want to say thanks to all of our past clients which have become friends, and welcome our new ones. We strive to provide for a quality outdoor experience with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and harvest animals in a safe and comfortable setting. Our style of hunting is early morning safari style and evening traditional blind hunting and mid-day spot and stalking. We have strict safety rules that we expect every hog hunter and exotic hunter to follow without exception.

Daily Fee

A $100 per day, per hunter access fee includes lodging and transportation while on the ranch. You may also enjoy skeet shooting and our rifle range between hunts. Your daily fee includes a guide who will work with you throughout your stay to assure a successful hog or exotic hunt. Non-hunter fee is $100 per day. Trophy fees are additional.

Trophy Fee

All Trophy Fees are per species and non-negotiable.

Type Price Time
Hog $100 Year round
Axis $2500 Year round
Blackbuck $2500 Year round
Buffalo $4000 Oct-April
Elk $1800 and up Oct-Jan
Fallow $2000 Oct-Jan
Ibex $800 and up Year round
Scimitar-horned orix $2500 Year round
Waterbuffalo $4000 Year round
Zebra $3500 Year round
1/2 Day Fishing $125 per person Year round
Rams and Goats $350 and up Year round

Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Muflon, Rambola, Painted Desert, Four Horn, Catelina, Angora, Spanish, and Red Sheep

Things to know

Animals are paid in full based on the above rates. A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 per hunter is required on all hunts to reserve your dates. Methods of payment may include Credit card, cash, cashier's check or personal check. Payment is due, in full, before leaving the Ranch.

What is not Included

Meals, quartering, meat processing and taxidermy all can be added for an additional fee.

We only allow a maximum of 8 hog hunters and or exotic hunters on the ranch on a given day. This helps us to provide for a quality experience.


Hunt Descriptions

Below are some descriptions of hunt styles and options on a typical hunt with us. The type of hunting style can be decided upon time of arrival. Safari style hunting is performed in a 4WD vehicle until game is spotted then carefully stalked into comfortable shooting range.

Reserve Hog Hunt

This type of hunting takes place in our Reserve. The Reserve has been developed specifically for hog hunting. Wild feral hogs are trapped throughout our ranch and relocated to the the Reserve. Shooting lanes, food plots, and game feeders as well as strategically placed enclosed blinds and ladder stands are in place. Our success rate is about 85% on the Reserve hunts. We can accommodate rifle, archery, blackpowder, and pistol hunters. The average hog harvested weights between 80 and 150 lbs, but we routinely harvest hogs over 300 lbs. Solo spot and stalk hog hunting is not allowed in the Reserve, all hog hunting is done out of blinds over feeders or safari style. Most shots are 100 yards or less for rifle hunters and twenty yards or less for bow and pistol hunters. No license or tags are required for this hunt.

Free Range Wild Hog Hunts

More than 20,000 acres are available for the free range hog hunter. If you are interested in a spot & stalk hog hunt, this package is for you. Although, we also offer blind hunts over game feeders for free range hogs as well as safari style hunting, the added excitement of stalking a wild boar is what this hunt offers. Our success rate is about 35% on the free range hog hunts. We can accommodate rifle, archery, muzzleloader, and pistol hunters. No hunting license required, except during youth antlerless deer gun, deer muzzleloader, deer gun, special antlerless deer gun (in open zones), elk gun season (in open counties), and antelope (in open areas), hunters must possess a filled or unfilled deer or elk license appropriate for the current season, unless otherwise exempt.

Exotic Hunting

Since 1999 we have had the pleasure of guiding several hundred successful exotic safaris with many of our hunter's trophies scoring SCI gold and silver. We also have blinds and ladders stands over feeders available. Our success rate is over 99%.


Our managed ponds have been catch and release and extensively managed for over 5 years. We have been consistently catching 10lb. bass out of the ponds the past 3 years. We provide pond hopper boats, motor and batteries on our fishing outings. Its a great way to spend the morning during a hog or exotic hunt.


For more information, please contact:

Justin White Newley Hutchison Jerick Henley
justin@chainranch.com 405-669-1435